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Ma. Idelia G. Glorioso,NCS-RUMD
Water is a major component of cells, blood, lymph mucus and digestive juice and plays a central role in the regulation of body temperature. It plays an important role in the digestion, absorption, metabolism, transport, and utilization of nutrients. On a regular day, your body loses two (2) to three (3) quarts of water just from urinating, sweating, having bowel movements, and all other thing your body uses water. We need to replace the water loses in our body by drinking six (6 ) to eight (8) glasses of water each day.

Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) is one of the prevalent micronutrient deficiencies in the Philippines responsible for goiter, mental and physical retardation, and brain defects. The Food and Nutrition Research Institute-DOST has developed a refreshing health drink that may help combat this disease. This is called Tubig Talino or the iodine-rich drinking water.

Iodine fortification of drinking water is a big boost to the government's IDD control program because water, as the nutrient vehicle, is a basic need consumed daily. Five glasses a day of iodine-rich drinking water provide 120 micrograms (ug) of iodine which meets 100% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of a male adult.

A 5 milliliter (ml) sachet or a 15 ml bottle of "Water Plus+ I2" is mixed with 20 liters of water to meet the required iodine level. Compared with ordinary water, the difference in taste, color, and smell is negligible.

"Water plus+ I2" can be added to distilled and purified water in recommended proportion and bottled aseptically for use in nutrition rehabilitation, emergency, calamity and disaster feeding, or can be sold in supermarkets and convenience shops for household use. It can also be mixed accordingly with safe, clean and potable water in earthen jars, jugs, and similar dispensers.

Consumed regularly with iodine-rich foods like fish, shellfish, seaweeds, iodized salt, and iodine-fortified foods, iodine-rich drinking water offers much hope in eliminating IDD in the near future.

With Tubig Talino working for you, you are sure to feel healthy and smart !

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