Dairy Products

- Low-Fat: Low-Sugar Ice Cream

Fortified Foods

- Iron Rice Premix
- Iron Fortified Rice
- Iodine-Rich Drinking Water (Tubig Talino)

Stabilized Brown Rice

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Complementary Foods

- Rice-Mongo Blend
- Rice-Mongo-Sesame Blend
- Rice-Mongo Crunchies
- Rice-Mongo Curls
- Complementary Foods for Children and Adults
- Micronutrient Growth Mix (MGM)

Food for Disaster/Calamity

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Ethnic Foods

- Kare-kare Vegetable Mixed
- Pinakbet Vegetable Mixed
- Putsero Vegetable Mixed

- Thermally-Processed Instant Laing

Squash Supplemented Products

- Pancit Canton with Squash
- Bakery Products with Squash

Fruit Juice Drink

- Ready-to-Drink Carrot-Pineapple
- Ready-to-Drink Carrot-Mango
- Ready-to-Drink Green Mango Juice with Nata
- Ready-to-Drink Ripe Mango Juice with Nata