Food Technologies

The Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), is the principal research arm of the Philippine government in food and nutrition.

The FNRI has the mandate to develop nutritious, safe and affordable food products and transfer this technology to entrepreneur for their commercial production and distribution. From this mandate stems FNRI's Program on the Nationwide Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Food Technologies. This Program is geared towards improving the nutritional health of the Filipino population and at the same time providing economic opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The Institute's goal is achieved through the transfer of commercially viable technologies to private, government and non-government organizations in the Regions/provinces. The FNRI provides both the necessary technical assistance and consultancy services to successfully set-up and operate the food processing plant.

The technology transfer is effected through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the entrepreneur and FNRI which stipulates the policies, rules and regulations on the transfer and commercialization of the technology.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategies:
- Licensing and Technical Assistance Agreement
- Contract Research and Development Agreement
- Technology Demonstration and Training
- Consultancy/Technical Assistance



List of Food Technologies

Dairy Products

- Low-Fat: Low-Sugar Ice Cream

Fortified Foods

- Iron Rice Premix

- Iron Fortified Rice
- Iodine-Rich Drinking Water (Tubig Talino)

Complementary Foods

- Rice-Mongo Blend
- Rice-Mongo-Sesame Blend
- Rice-Mongo Crunchies
- Rice-Mongo Curls
- Complementary Foods for Children and Adults
- Micronutrient Growth Mix (MGM)

Stabilized Brown Rice

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Food for Disaster/Calamity

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Ethnic Foods

- Kare-kare Vegetable Mixed
- Pinakbet Vegetable Mixed
- Putsero Vegetable Mixed

- Thermally-Processed Instant Laing

Squash Supplemented Products

- Pancit Canton with Squash
- Bakery Products with Squash

Fruit Juice Drink

- Ready-to-Drink Carrot-Pineapple
- Ready-to-Drink Carrot-Mango
- Ready-to-Drink Green Mango Juice with Nata
- Ready-to-Drink Ripe Mango Juice with Nata