FNRI Library

Contains historical events and heritage of food and nutrition research activities in the country

Delivers updated information on food and nutrition to all types of clients and does information networking and resource-sharing

Has wide range of library collection needed for food and nutrition R & D and nutrition education

Acts immediately on inquiries and requests

Has a computerized database on food and nutrition information resources available for inhouse and outside users

Offers basic information materials/ resources/ tools useful to policymakers, food manufacturers and industry, health practitioners/workers, teachers and student, etc.

Yes to National Development
The Library has an active & service oriented staff to support information needs for National Science and Technology Agenda for national development.

Library Users
FNRI Personnel
Programme Implementors
Food Manufacturers/Industry
Hotel and Restaurant Workers
Business Entrepreneurs
Extension/Social Workers in the Field
Teachers and Students
General Public

- Develops program/projects effective library system services and documentation center on F&N
- Develops and maintains historical events on food and nutrition activities in the country
- Establishes linkages with national and international institutions doing food- and nutrition-related activities through information networking and resource-sharing
- Maintains computerized data bank on food nd nutrition R & D resource materials, research institutions experts involved in F & N activities
- Provides efficient and effective Library services

- Readers Services
- On-line/Off-line Services
- Reference Services
- Current Awareness
- Literature Search
- Document Delivery thru Fax
- Interlibrary Loan
- SDI (Selective Dissemination Information)
- Photocopy Services


Library Guide

1. In-House Users (FNRI STAFF)

Step 1. Register at the logbook upon entrance to the library
Step 2. Consult the libary staff at the Information Desk, for any information materials needed
Step 3. Use the following reference materials or facilities

 A. Reference Tools
B. For Current Materials

Step 4. If you wish to borrow a material/s, accomplish retrieval forms and submit to the counter together with the borrower's card.
Step 5. Have the library staff, record the material/s borrowed.
Step 6. Return the material on the due date.
Step 7. Check if material is properly cancelled.

2. For Nutrinet Members:
Step 1. Consult your institution librarian before going to any of the NUTRINET member libraries. Each library has rules and regulations to follow. Secure a referral letter from the librarian.
Step 2. Follow the steps of outside users. In addition to step number 5, present your referral letter to the library staff at the Information Desk.

Step 1. Secure your visitor's pass from the guard on duty at the lobby and leave your ID with them
Step 2. Proceed to the library. Upon arrival, submit your belongings to the library staff at the Information Desk.
Step 3. Register at the logbook
Step 4. Submit your ID Pass and Yellow card to the counter for replacement of pink card
Step 5. Proceed to your search by using the following:

Step 6. Accomplish request form for materials needed and submit it to the library staff at the Information Desk.
Step 7. Sit down while waiting for your name to be called
Step 8. If materials are to be photocopied, please request from the library staff and get further instruction/s.
Step 9. When you have finished with your research, return the materials to the counter for checking and recording, get back your visitor's pass and yellow card.
Step 10. Subject yourself for inspection upon exit.
Step 11. Return the visitor's pass to the guard on duty.

Library is open Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.



fnri opac

FNRI OPAC is a computerized database of food and nutrition research and development (F&N R&D) resource materials. Searching of FNRI materials is available at FNRI OPAC.