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Written by Marietta M.Bumanglag, FSTD   

The worsening traffic conditions or the long hours spent just for travelling from the home to the work site have compelled some people, especially singles, to move near their place of work.

Options for single living-longer- staying in a boarding house or dormitory, renting a small room with or without kitchen facilities or refrigerator only - depend on the budget.  Whatever arrangement is affordable, it is possible to sustain one’s nutritional well-being by being a wise planner and shopper.

For those who opt for preparing home cooked meals, buying food supplies in big quantities maybe practical for a big family but not when you live alone. It is alright to buy in quantities provided that there will be no wastage or spoilage, just enough for your needs and uses, i.e. small cans consumable in one eating. List down and buy only the things you need most. Avail of discounts or sale but be cautious of the expiry dates on the labels.

When vegetables are in season and cheaper, think of various ways of serving them. Like sitaw can be served as ginisa or nilaga, ginataan, adobo, or mixed with sinigang or pinakbet. When planning for one dish-meals like sinigang or nilaga, pork or beef can be simmered at one time to economize on fuel. Store them separately in the refrigerator and cook with your favorite vegetables just before serving.

Extend for days the shelf life of cooked rice by refrigerating it . Take out the desired amount, crush it by hands, and sprinkle with enough water. Cook covered over slow fire in a teflon coated pan. This will prevent sticking or burning and give you rice that is as good as freshly cooked.

For those who are dependent on vended food or fastfood, choose your food wisely. Make sure you have vegetables and fruits in combination with fish, meat or poultry. Avail of the free soup offer. One-dish meals are good buys also. Stay away from fatty and salty foods.  Even when you are eating alone, make every meal a special occasion by using colorful placemats and fine eating implements.  And when you feel like sharing your home cooked meals, invite someone to share them with you. Who knows, next time you will be cooking for two, then three, then four.


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