37th Seminars Series Abstract

Theme: Breastfeeding Tangkilikin, Kaisipan at Kalusugar Payamanin, Food and Nutrition R&D Palaganapin

Research and Development
  1. Verification of Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) Extraction Procedures in Locally Grown Crops and Spices
  2. Development of Functional Food Products from Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) Powder
  3. Dietary Fiber Fermentability Characteristics, Phytonutrients and Antioxidant Activity of Potential Functional Foods
  4. Deitary and Amylose Content of Different Varieties of Milled and Brown Rice: A Potential Solution to Satiety and Hunger
  5. Technology Generation for the Production of Fortified Donut
  6. Production and Shelf-life Study of Ready to Drink Vitamin-Rich Green Mango Juice
  7. Effect of Flavor Enhancers on the Dietary Intake Among Older Persons
  8. Health and Nutritional Status at Age 0 to 6 Months Among Some Breastfeed and Bottle-fed Infants in Metro Manila
  9. Serum Zinc Levels of Selected Filipino Population Groups
  10. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of Selected Adult Filipino by Indrect Calorimetry
  11. Validation on the Use of Physical Activity Questionnaire Method to Assess Physical Activity Among School Children
  12. Body Composition, Blood Glucose and Lipid Profile of Selected High School Students, 12-14 Years old in Taguig City
  13. Modelling a School-based Nutrition Delivery System of Fortified Ready-to-Drink Juice
  14. Consumption of Rice and Other Staple Foods Among Filipino Households: 1993 and 2008
  15. Food and Nutrient INtake and Dietary Diversity Score of Non-Breastfed Children Six Months to Five Years Old
  16. Factors Associated with Underweight among 0-5 Years Children in the Philippines
  17. Breastfeeding and Complimentary Feeding Practices as Factors to Children's Nutritional Status
  18. Prevalence of Atherosclerotic Diseases, Chronic Kidney Disease and Osteoporosis among Filipino Adults Based on the National Nutrition and Health Survey II: 2008
  19. Nutritional Status of Children, 0-19 Years Old, based on the WHO-CGS and the Growth Reference 2007
  20. Organization of Proficiency Test (PT) on Total Dietary Fiber in Wheat Flour
  21. FNRI Nutrition School.ph: Establishment and Implementation of the Nutrition School Online Internet Link
  22. Development of a Handbook on Folate Content of Foods Consumed by Filipinos
  23. Glycemic Index Handbook of Commonly Consumed Carbohydrate Foods in the Philippines
  24. Development and Printing of 2011 Menu Guide Calendar (MGC): Meeting the Energy Needs of the Family Through the Consumption of Root Crops and Corn
  25. Analysis of Food and Nutrition Researches Toward Policy Translation and Advocacy

Graduate Students Thesis

  1. Contributory Factors of Anemia Among Pregnant Women in the Philippines
  2. Development of an ICT Asset Management System
  3. Improvement of the Individual Dietary Evaluation System for Estimating the Energy and Nutrient Adequacy and Food Peso Value of Food Consumed of the 2008 Individual Food REcall
  4. Enhancing the FNRI Library System Through the Development of a Web-Based FNRI Library Service System
  5. Development of Writers' Pool Article Archiving and Content Management System
  6. Development of Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) Personal Records Module
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