Food Exchange Lists for Meal Planning (4th Edition)

The Food Exchange Lists (FEL) for Meal Planning is one of the basic tools in nutrition and dietetics. It is a tool for quick estimation of the energy and macronutrients for use in planning meals of individual clients.

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fct users guide

 The Philippine Food Composition Tables 1997 User's Guide

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 Philippine Dietary Reference Intake 2015

It is a set of dietary standards that include Estimated average requirement (EAR), Recommended energy intake/ recommended nutrient intake (REI/ RNI), Adequte intake (AI), Tolerable upper intake/ upper limit (UL), and Acceptable macronutrient distribution range (AMDR), each having its own use.

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Folate Content of Foods Consumed by Filipinos 2010

The handbook folate content of foods consumed by Filipinos is a compilation of food folate values from six Food Composition Tables (FCTs) of several countries. The handbook will help nutritionists and dietitians estimate and evaluate the adequacy of folate intakes of the population.

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Nutritional Handbook for Persons with Diabetes

This handbook was developed primarily for individuals with diabetes. It contains basic information about diabetes - its nature, its treatment and important factors to achieve diabetes control - in a way that most people will understand and appreciate.

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 Dietary Guidelines for the Prevention Cancer

This booklet summarizes current findings about diet, nutrition, and cancer prevention. It focuses on the role of dietary factors that may affect the risk of getting certain forms of cancer and presents information of primary use to the public in making food choices for a healthy diet - liberal intake of some foods and sparing consumption of others.

Cost: P50.00

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