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33rd FNRI Seminar Series Abstracts

Theme: Nutrisyon ng Pamayanan, Yaman ng Buong Bayan

Research and Development Projects

  1. Iron Status and Physical Growth of Schoolchildren, 6-9 Years Old, After Consumption of Multi-Micronutrient-Fortified Milk and Biscuits
  2. Multi-Micronutrient-Fortified Beverage Reduces Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anemia among Schoolchildren, 6-9 Years Old
  3. Safety and Stability of Iodine in Iodized Salt at Production Levels in Selected Salt Farms in the Philippines
  4. Iodine levels of Selected Foods Seasoned with Iodized Salt, as Determined by Two Analytical Methods
  5. Development and Transfer of the Technology of Iron-Fortified Chocolate Crinkles
  6. Development of Meatless Sausage
  7. Nutrient, Physico-Chemical and Sensory Evaluation of Meat of a Philippine Native Chicken Strain (Darag)
  8. Effectiveness of the "Whiz Kids through Fitness Program"
  9. Formative Research on Vegetable Consumption
  10. Correlates of Body Image Satisfaction among Economically Depressed Urban Filipino Women
  11. Prevalence of Folate Deficiency among Filipino Pregnant Women
  12. Prevalence of Riboflavin Deficiency among Filipino Pregnant Women
  13. Baseline Nutrition and Food Security Assessment in Mindanao, 2006
  14. Breastmilk Retinol of Filipino Lactating Women and the Vitamin A Status of the Breast-fed Infants
  15. Determinants of Underweight, Underheight, and Thinness among FIlipino Children, 0-5 Years Old
  16. Prevalence of Multiple Micronutrient Deficiency among Filipino Pregnant Women
  17. Correlation Analysis of Coconut Oil Intake and Selected Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases
  18. Validation of Food Insecurity Responses vis-a-vis Nutritional Status and Adequacy of Food Intake from the 6th NNS
  19. Improvement of Menu-based Approach for Estimating Provincial Food Thresholds
  20. Disparities in Household Food and Nutrient Intakes across Income and Occupational Groups
  21. Disparities in the Nutritional Status of Filipino Preschool- and School-Age Children across Income and Occupational Groups
  22. Disparities in Infant Feeding Practices across Households Income Groups and Education of Household Heads
  23. The National Vitamin A Supplementation Program and Subclinical Vitamin A Deficiency in 12-59 Month-Old Children in the Philippines, 2003
  24. Vitamin A and Iron Intake among Preschool-Age Children With and Without Fortification of Processed Foods and Fortified Staples
  25. Iron Absorption from Brown Rice and Brown Rice-Based Meal
  26. Physical Activity of High School Students in the City of Manila

Other Science and Technology Projects

  1. Pilot-Plant Production of Food Bar
  2. The FNRI-DOST 2007 Menu Guide Calendar: Year-Round Daily Guide to Fortifying Meals with Micronutrients
  3. Preparation of the Manuals of Operations of Frequently Used Equipment/Machineries of the FNRI Pilot Plant (Part I)
  4. Monitoring the School Nutrition Program in Selected Schools in Camarines Sur: Benefits Gained
  5. Pilot Production of High-Fiber Sausage

Graduate Students' Thesis/Dissertations

  1. Mothers' Knowledge and Practices on Complementary Feeding: Implications to Infants' and 12-23 Month-Old Young Children's Nutritional Status
  2. Determinants of Motivating Factors for the Establishment of Mother-Baby-Friendly Government Workplaces in Metro Manila, Philippines

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