FNRI Policy Statements

1. Stunting: A Generation of “MINI-lennial”?
2. What’s the current nourishment of Filipino mothers and their children?
3. “CARBing” Diabetes: The escalating case of Diabetes Mellitus
4. Hypertension: A Silent Killer!
5. OSTEOPOROSIS: The "Silent Epidemic"
6. A Glimpse to the Health and Nutrition of IPs
7. Healthy Aging for our Lolos and Lolas!
8. Increasing plate waste and food waste, alarming!
9. Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and continued breastfeeding up to 2 years: How has Republic Act No. 10028 driven the WHO recommendation?
10. Improved Feeding Practices among Children Aged 0-5 Years Old
11. Ensuring nutritious complementary foods for babies
12. Brown Rice: A Wise Choice for Better Health
13. Pinggang Pinoy®…a must on every Filipino Dining Table
14. Promote Physical Activity among Children in School and at Home
15. Operationalizing local child nutrition surveillance system: does Operation Timbang deliver the numbers?
16. Say YES! to a Healthy Workplace
17. Fortification A Strategy to Combat Iron Deficiency Anemia
18. Fortify Foods for Better Health!
19. Labels Matter Know what you eat!
20. Deworming May Help Prevent Stunting
​21. Malnutrition Reduction Program (MRP) 
22. Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding Index: Measuring the Success of Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices
23. Climate shocks, calamities exact human collateral damage, food and nutrition security threatened
24. Sound Off Alarm Bells for Teenage Pregnancy
25. Tabang MARAWI (Malnutrition Alleviation and Health Restoration through an After-War Intervention)
26. FAT (Fad and Trending)! Adolescent Obesity
27. The Situation of Older Filipinos in the Philippines

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