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The FNRI-DOST launched the Pinggang Pinoy for the different population groups during the 61st Annual Convention of the Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines (NDAP). The launching was held on February 24, 2016 during the NDAP fellowship night at the Royal Garden Hall and Convention Center, General Luna Street, Iloilo City.

The first Pinggang Pinoy food guide developed by the FNRI-DOST was the Pinggang Pinoy for Filipino adults. Since individual’s energy and nutrient needs vary based on age and sex and level of physical activity, Pinggang Pinoy food guides for the different population and physiologic groups (children, adolescents, elderly, pregnant mother, and lactating women) were also developed.

Pinggang Pinoy is a new and easy-to-understand food guide that uses a familiar food plate model to convey the right food group proportions on a per-meal basis. This will help Filipinos acquire healthy eating habits needed to attain optimum nutrition.

The guide shows the recommended proportion by food group, Go, Grow and Glow on per meal basis. By just looking at the plate, one will know right away that half of the plate represents Glow foods consisting of fruits and vegetables. One sixth of the plate shows proportion for Grow foods such as meats, eggs, poultry, fish, beans and legumes. One third of the plate is Go foods like rice, corn, bread, oatmeal, bread and rootcrops.

During the launching, Dr. Milflor S. Gonzales, Supervising Science Research Specialist of the FNRI-DOST, served as the emcee-moderator. Ms. Jovina A. Sandoval, Science Research Specialist II of the Nutrition Research Development Group, discussed overview of the Pinggang Pinoy. To thoroughly explain what Pinggang Pinoy is, a short video presentation on the development and technical content of Pinggang Pinoy was shown. This was followed by unveiling of Pinggang Pinoy for various age groups by FNRI Director Dr. Mario V. Capanzana and NDAP President Dr. Adela Jamorabo-Ruiz.

Around 300 sets of Pinggang Pinoy brochures were distributed among the participants. For those who did not receive the Pinggang Pinoy brochures, copies are available at the FNRI-DOST. Write or call Dr. Mario V. Capanzana, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Gen. Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Taguig City, Metro Manila, tel./ fax: 8372934, 8373164; FNRI-DOST website: ph, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Let the Pinggang Pinoy guide you in partaking of healthy and balanced meals daily.

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